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Hydrogen Alkaline Water is one of the greatest preventative health advances and technological marvels of the 21st century. Ionized Hydrogen Water is a powerful Antioxidant providing the body with tremendous amounts of hydrogen and vibrancy. It is very helpful to neutralize and flush acid waste from the body. The discovery of Hydrogen benefits are growing and yet it has gone almost entirely unnoticed….

Price : $ 1800

Product Name FW-107T
Rating AC110V 60Hz 2.6A
Water feeding system Water discharge branch faucet
Water feeding connection Switch lever
Constitution Water purification cartridge (FW-8000T)body built-in
Power consumption 250W
Body Weight Approx. 5.5kg
Dimension W250mm x L157mm x H341mm
Max water temperature for use 35ºC
Usable water pressure Approx. 70~750kPa(0.7~7.5kgf/cm2)
Max creating amount Approx. 4.3L/min
Electrolyzed water amount Water amount of spout Approx 2.1L/min Water pressure 100kPa(1kgf/cm2)
Water amount of drain outlet Approx. 0.7L/min
Continuously usable time Alkaline ionized water : Approx. 30min   Acid Water:Approx.10min   Strong alkaline ionized water: Approx. 10min
Water purification cartridge
Filtration capacity of residual chlorine FW-8000T: Approx. 16,000L
To reach 0.4mg/L of filtered water concentration, 2mg/L of raw water residual chlorine concentraion.
Filtration material FW-8000T: Silver impregnated granular activated carbon, calcium sulfite, Mechanical filter
Exchange system One-touch exchange system
Display of life (life setting of chlorine)

FW-8000T: Approx. 12months (40L of daily use)

Removal performance Possible Dissolved organic material (Residual chlorine, red rust, trihalomethane)
Impossible Salt content, metallic ion which is dissolved in water
Length of power cord 2.5m
Safety system

Thermal protector     110ºC operation

Transformer temperature fuse     Meltdown more than 133ºC